December 9, 2023

2 thoughts on “The Top 20 Most lucrative medical courses in Nigeria

  1. I want to ask a question
    Is it better to study medicine and surgery and after that you study dentistry or just study dentistry direct. I am asking because I was told that it is better to study medicine and surgery then dentistry because it will give one opportunity to jobs faster i.e being a medical doctor and also being a dentist

    1. Hi Enyo!
      Dentistry and Medicine&Surgery are two different courses that require maximum commitment and a lot of time to study. You can always go for a second degree(Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in any of the courses) if you would like to increase your job opportunity.
      So, if your most preferred course of study is dentistry, it is okay to go study directly dentistry, and you go ahead to earn a second degree in it, to boost your chances of landing a job easily and making your profession more lucrative.

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